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Facts You Should Know About Repetitive Strain Injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repetitive strain injuries are the nation's most common and costly occupational health problem. They are the fastest growing category of work-related illness. Nearly two-thirds of all occupational illnesses reported were caused by exposure to repeated trauma to workers upper body (the wrist, elbow or shoulder). One common example of such an ergonomic injury is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Musculoskeletal disorders, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, are among the most prevalent medical conditions in the U.S. They account for 14% of physician visits and 19% of hospital stays. 62% of the persons with musculoskeletal disorders report some degree of limitation on activity.

*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the #1 reported medical problem, accounting for about 50% of all work-related injuries. It also results in the highest number of days lost among all work related injuries. The U.S. Department of Labor has concluded that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the "chief occupational hazard of the 90's" - disabling workers in epidemic proportions.

849,000 new cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occur annually. Currently, it affects over 8-million Americans. Presently, 25% of all computer operators have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Women are twice as likely to develop Carpal Tunnel as opposed to their male counterparts. Approximately 260,000 Carpal Tunnel release operations are performed each year, with 47% of the cases considered to be work related.

* Please note despite all of our outstanding feedback from Wristease owners, Wristease, LLC can not make any medical claims to cure or prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other repetitive motion injuries at this time.

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